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100 Father’s Day Messages for 2021
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100 Father’s Day Message for 2021

Hey Gang, LET ME OUT! That’s me, JB, blowing my savings on my old slot machine- from all the great offers I saved on this week – and I’m sharing with you the savings tips, especially for Dads and Grads out there, so you, too, can blow your money on some great lotto and games- whatever – and have we got it – a little of everything! And you don’t even have to go outside, however, I suggest you check out my new fave spot in Napa (Bay Area Backroads) where there’s no lockdown! So, we’re calling this issue ‘WINNING’ . . Plus, lots of deals I came up with for you, below! Plenty of GOOD STUFF for all, even if you’re a full time Covider stuck indoors. – JB


Ray Stevens ‘Quarantined’ from Larry’s Diner 5-25-20

June, 2020 ‘WINNING’ Coup-Letter

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Soak It Up
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Florida Sands

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5 Star Gifts for Dad – Grill, Bar, Office, Clothes, Accessories

Cape Cod at its Finest

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Just in Time for Dad’s Day – Give him the Gift of Health (Pain Relief)

Warriors Dynasty in Progress
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