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Contact Yellow Pages, the San Francisco East Bay’s premier online coupon site, grew out of Coupon Country Direct Mail, its sister site which has been offering low cost mailings for 28 years. Businesses and consumers alike benefit from these media. Unlike other coupon sites, YellowPagesCoupons offers BOTH national and local coupons (Bay Area, California) and we plan to expand to include other locales throughout the U.S. While Coupon Country Direct Mail continues to provide the significant bulk of our direct response advertising for our advertisers, we see a fast upswing in our new sister online coupon site, Yellow Pages …


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Recent surveys show a 26% increase in online advertising (Ad-ology). Online advertising is now the No. 1 most popular ad medium for consumer and business, with direct mail coming in at No. 2amd we offer them both! Dropping down on the charts are the more expensive ‘big media’ -radio, TV and newspaper advertising. And adding coupons to the online mix gets even bigger results during recessionary times.

As online advertising continues to grow at this unusually fast pace, we feel that between the two media, Yellow Paeges and Coupon Country, we can take care pretty much of all your advertising needs. . We are closely observing the quickly changing market place and plan to continue being on the forefront. of whatever happens.

For now, we continue our special GRAND OPENING promotion for Yellow Pages Just advertise in two or more mailings and receive a FREE mini-website / coupon on our polular new site YellowPages


We make it easy for you to SAVE on all your buying, especially timely during this recession. Just type your coupon desires in the ‘Coupon finder’ box at top of home page, or clip on the Drop Down Menu go to the business categories and/or cities of interest. Grocery coupons,restaurant coupons,home service coupons,and all types of coupons are conveniently categorized ala Yellow Pages.Featuring national brand names,California,Bay Area and East Bay coupons.Your one-stop shopping savings site.

Advertisers who aren’t doing the Coupon Country mailers can run their coupons/mini-websites for less than $25 a month. Go to ‘Advertise With Us’ to fill out a simple agreement. A new ‘UPLOADER’ will be online soon, whereby businesses nationwide can reach hundreds a day at our popular, fast gorwing site…. Serving Coupon Country East Bay cities Oakland, Berkeley, Danville, Alamo, Lafayette, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Orinda, Alameda, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Berkeley, etc.


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Many of you have asked how Coupon Country got started. Well..
It all began over 30 Years ago as a struggling school kid trying to get by. They sold ‘Funny Money’ coupon books on campus which helped pay for many a college meal. Direct mail or bulk mail , where one could mail over 250 pieces and get a postal discount, was still in its infancy. ‘Marriage mailings’ like Coupon Country didn’t even exist. In the late 70s we contracted with College book stores to offer free bookcovers in exchange for letting us put advertising on them and a strip of tear-off coupons down the side.

But BurtKaufman BookCovers was seasonal, and prertty limited to local fast food, records and clothing, where
students spent their money. Radio sales was pretty specialized and not an easily trackable medium. Newspaper
and magazine ad sales was only a little more successful. We tried it all. Then there was a guy in San Leandro CA somebody told me about. He was getting together a number of businesses into a crummy single color
book with black ink on green pages. I can still remember that. He only mailed 3,000 a month. But that was
the beginning. I liked the idea in that a business could sasve greatly on the previously prohibitable postage
cost by combining with other businesses,thereby paying only a fraction of what it would cost to do a solo mailing.

The aliterative ‘Coupon Country’ name just came to me one day. After setting up shop in 1980,I remember it taking two weeks before I made my first sale, to LaVal’s Pizza on Euclid in Berkeley (still lthere).
It was maiinly a case of educating people on a new advertising platform, direct mail coupon advertising or ‘marriage mailings or co-op mailings’ as they were called back then. Once people finally signed up they usually came back again and again, seeing the very trackable and significant resultls. ( remember Burger King in Danville getting over 100 coupons a day for weeks, off a single mailing. A coffee shop in El Cerrito
got over 1,000 coupons in a weekend when we forgot to put the ‘2 for 1’ and only had ‘FREE Entree.’
Those were learning experiences. We lost $10,000 that first year but we knew we were on track.

Meanwhile, other so-called competitors like Val Pak were coming into the market. After having established some key accounts, I was talked into jumping ship to Trimark in 1981. Trimark, with later became Adworks and then ‘SuperCoups’ was basically a spin-off of Valpak.
I liked the originality and effectiveness of the Coupon Country book format, unique staggered mailing schedule and other features… So, always the entrepeneur, I took back my accounts in 1982 and reestablished Coupon Country as the aforementioned coupon BOOK, not the envelope we began with.

I remember sitting around the dinner table back then with the family stuffing envelopes.
They helped persuade me to try the booklet format. There was a nw collating machine that was supposed to do it all in one – cut collate amd bind from ‘3-up- printing.

Oh , the printers… Nobody was really set up to do coupons back then. One printer was actaully a beer maker in San Leandro who convined me to have him use his label-maker to print not as books but as three-fold tabloids with 12 cxouponsover two sheets. It wasn’t a bad idea, on paper, as the job was all-inclusive- no need for additional inserting and collating. My parents loved the idea , too. Only problem was that the print quality was less than quality. I remember blue powder they usedin printing then all over everything.
Also, through this experience we learned there was nothing as good as a one-up, free-standing coupon – not competing for attention with other ads on the same page.

We never experiemented again. Coupon Country remained in pretty much the same booklet format -albeit with some unusual cover designs – over the years until today, thiry years later.

Over the years, despite the naysayers, we saw steadily increasing buisnesses. Direct Mail has always been regarded as the ‘direct line’ most cost-effective advertising, though very costly, until our marriage mail concept came along. One can target mailings to specific areas rather than advertising in large media which
go way beyond their target markets.

And that’s why, 30 years later , the internet is becoming so effective. One can target, with keywords
and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Pay Per Click Advertising and internet marketing is a lot more
affordable than the previous top media, TV, radio, newspaper and phone book directories.

Today Coupon Country enters a new decade and a new era proudly offering the Top 2 Rated Ad Media (Ad-ology), Direct Mail and Internet Advertising. Learning a new advertising platform, that of SEO,
has been like starting all over again 30 years later. But, we find it very exciting to be on the forefront of this
new marketing platform as we were in 19980 when direct mail and marriage mailings took the advertising world by storm. We have spent countless hours this past year, during a diown economy,
learning the ropes to SEO. It’s an ongoing process of which we plan to stay on the cutting edge.
Where else can you contact target mailings and pretty much be guaranteed a front page Google search forone low package price???

Only at Coupon Country and

So, call it 2-in-1 Marketing, or even 2-FOR-1. We strongly believe we can now offer the very best,
full-service marketing for the lowest prices as we continue on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS. See you there! Reserve space now for El Cerrito -Albany- No Berkeley coupon mailing and get FREE Coupon Page and No. 1 Page Rank on Google on other Internet Searches – rated Top 2 ad media (Ad-ology) all for one low cast. Celebrate 30 Years of Coupon Country and Join the Road to Success * FREE Famous Road To Success Poster with any consult.
Call today 510-444- 0805 or 888-R-A-COUPON or go to our instant online reservation page at: (copy and paste)
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