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Anyone can be a victim of identity theft.

It can happen in minutes, and take years for the fallout to stop.

More and more people from every walk of life are victimized each day. The results can be overwhelming; a loss of time and money spent by victims trying to put their lives and finances back in order.

Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft ShieldSM is an affordable solution to combat a growing crime that knows no boundaries.

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Identity Theft Shield

The Solution:

Your IDT membership includes:

1) An up-to-date Experian credit report, including your personal credit score calculated and analyzed by an independent service. A review of your credit report and credit score is a step that make or break your financial future.

2) Continuous monitoring of your credit file at Experian so you will be alerted if new activity is added to your credit report. If the activity is not initiated by you, it can point to identity theft.

3) Identity restoration means that licensed investigators are on your side working to correct damage caused by identity thieves. This includes working with law enforcement, the government and credit cards companies on your behalf. Also, fraud alerts will be sent on your behalf to all three credit bureaus and affected companies and agencies.

You are covered as soon as your application is processed by Pre-Paid Legal. Your membership packet contains simple steps that authorize monitoring of your credit report, plus crime preventions tips that identity thieves don’t want you to follow.

Assistance is as close as a toll-free number to report any potential problems in your credit report. If a discrepancy is identity theft, a Fraud Restoration package will be rushed to you and our expert investigators will assist you in steps to correct inaccuracies.

SAFEGUARD for Minors
With this additional benefit you can add selected services for your minor children.

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