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Your Business can be among the  FIRST to be featured  on our Apps. People will find your business 2 ways:

1) After simple upload of our apps from their phone’s  App store,  one can visit any of our popular sites, below, on their  Iphone or Android phone  to  find YOUR  LATEST COUPONS (which we keep current for you!)

2) We will be doing opt-in Text Blasts, weekly,  to a growing list of coupon users. Your latest coupon/text message will go out and IF YOU HAVE A   CUSTOMER LIST, WE WILL INCLUDE THESE  IN OUR BLASTS.

MOBILE-FRIENDLY IMAGES – Even without our apps, we have reconfigured our websites, along with the apps,  to be ‘Mobile-friendly,’ so that images intended for the PC are not distorted but are clearly viewed on a cell phone screen.  (Your current website may NOT be optimized for cell phones.)

IT’S TIME! – Your own business featured  on  Mobile Apps! Plus, we can also blast your text messages to our growing opt-in database of coupon users…Our rates are ridiculously low – even FREE in our special Direct Mail Package!!

CALL FOR DETAILS: 925-284-7168 or 1-888-4-A-COUPON or go to online form or fill in below, print and fax

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NEWCOUPONAPP, FREE APP – Yellow Pages Coupons

Yellow Pages Coupons