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Halloween Treats, Cat Day, Anyone Out There?,Dining,Debates


Coupon Country Presents JACK BENNY’S ‘A’ LIST             Oct 2015








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Today is NATIONAL CAT DAY     Featuring JASPER the HUGGING CAT (Click Bobbing Head)  





15 Heartwarming Movies Everyone Should See

Movie watching is a true American pastime, and it’s certainly one I enjoy.
Seeing a movie is a chance to experience the “what ifs” of life while
‘escaping’from some of the bitter realities. In the case of biographical films,
it is an opportunity to vicariously relive events as they might have happened
— a front-row seat in history. A good movie stirs our emotions, transports us
to another time and place, and widens our perspective. Of course, movies require an investment of our precious moments, so
I always appreciate when one comes recommended by someone whose
opinion I respect. My favorite movies are those that fill me with hope and
enrich my life in some way.  cont


















  Gratitude for What We Have – Take a break from your busy schedule and savor .  Courtesy of Blake, who has his own new hit, COMING HOME  
















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 Halloween Treats, Cat Day, Anyone Out There?,Dining,Debates







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