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ST. PATRICK WASN’T EVEN IRISH! St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17, the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. St. Patrick’s Day 2024 will take place on Sunday, March 17. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years. On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink and feast on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

Shamrock Shake Recipe

4.8 stars

Shamrock Shakes Have Been a St. Patricks Tradition at McDonald’s since 1970.

Learn how to make a Shamrock Shake at home with vanilla ice cream, mint extract, and green food coloring for a fun St. Patrick’s Day treat. This recipe has become a tradition in our house. The kids love it, and so do I.

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News and Notes Not Generally Reported in Modern Mainstream Media

Three Important Points only 10% of Americans Are Aware Of

Many Americans are falsely made to believe by mainstream media that inflation is down and the economy is doing better. But a good economist will tell you that inflation is cumulative and up and going even higher since Biden took office in 2021

Though mainstream media may tell us inflation is down, a good economist will explain it isn’t really.

Inflation is like banking where money values are cumulative and compound > MORE

What only 10% of America Knows

1.) Inflation is cumulative. Just because they tell us inflation is down from last year doesn’t mean inflation is really down. You have to add this years 3% to the previous years ‘ 7% =10% inflation. Now you know why grocery,  real estate etc. prices aren’t coming down

2.)To pay down Biden’s 7.3 trillion dollar budget this year He will need  to tax you, the middle class, more and  the corporations  and upper class . He promised to help the middle class but is doing just the oppo site. That’s the only way he could spend 7.3 billion he doesn’t have. That most people don’t understand what’s going on and why they m60s.  3,will be paying 30% more to take their kids to Disneyland plus food and everything else is a tragedy, too. The news doesn’t address this stuff anymore-severity of  this with US becoming a socialist country  Including the media . The Middle class is  not just fleeing blue states but fleeing the country and  the wealthy aren’t far behind.

3.) As  side effects, cities have no money and are falling in lockstep with administration , laying off police ans employees , with this becoming a police state ala Russia and third world. My middle class taxes were higher than ever  last year. What about you -Among those 60% of America living paycheck to paycheck with credit cards maxed out? Wake up AmericA.

Dr. PHIL brings a new common sense  voice to crazy media. Will start new media platform to bring another voice of truth, ie ‘ Did you know 33,000  Chinese  came thru our southern oprn bordsr illegally last year’ , says Dr Phil as an example of what other media are NOT telling us and he will , as he does, also, in His new book,’We’ve Got Issues,’

Doctor Phil says government is getting in the way by doing things like shutting down the schools for 2 years, which was worse for kids than the COVID disease itself.. How to mention all the wasted money? Over 5 trillion dollars used for naught.

He says unelected officials have no right to be able to change laws that affect kids and others.. News of life have been lost information their lives themselves..

Decide what your life philosophy. Am I gonna work hard? Am I gonna let the schools dictate to my children telling them out of live, etc? I do have rights to my child and responsibilities.

We can’t be passive anymore. We can’t let people convince us that we don’t have any power.  . Too many people are trying to win arguments instead of solving problems.. Go to your kids, schools and find out what the policies are and offer to work with the schools or whoever ..

Find your voice even if people try to label you and make it difficult ala Riley Gaines. MORE

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