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More Signs of A Stressed Consumer? Digital Coupon Use Surges
Published: Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009 | 8:55 AM ET Christina Cheddar Berk
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Are consumers getting more stressed?
Steven Boal, CEO Of, thinks they are. Despite reports of rising consumer confidence, factors such as rapidly increasing gasoline prices and high unemployment are continuing to put pressure on consumers, according to Boal.

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The increased use of digital coupons may mean the era of flipping through newspaper inserts is coming to an end.



“Consumers are still feeling the pinch, from our view,” Boal says.

Want more proof? Use of digital coupons surged from April to May, according to ComScore reports. What’s more, June looks to be shaping up to show another solid month of growth for, the leading digital coupon Web site, Boal says.

Digital coupon Web sites saw the largest increase in unique visitors, a key measure of Internet traffic, from April to May of any Web site category, says Andrew Lipsman, director of Industry Analysis at ComScore.

The growth in unique visitors at rose 85 percent during that period, solidly outpacing the 19 percent growth in the overall category, according to ComScore.

It’s notable, that at the same time, online commerce weakened, Lipsman says. Since the start of this year, sales of products online had been basically been flat with year ago levels, but the value of those purchases in May fell from a year ago, according to ComScore data.

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