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Top Rated, Complete, Affordable Internet marketing Package $97/mo.


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Best Internet Marketing

Go to for more info NOW Featuring TOP 7-IN-l Marketing Pkg. *  featuring Optimized Web Page/Landing Page-Email & Text Blasts to Our Exclusive List Taking advantage  of changes in the printing industry and economy = * LOWER PRICES_ * Better R.O.I *Oassic Perfect Bound Booklet format * Ask about Flexible Mailing Areas * Famous Top Rated WordPress Websites available only $100 extra Mix & Match – NATIONAL ADVERTISING- Targeting ALL National United States Demographics using Keywords and Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) , such as: All Areas – NO. BERKELEY – ALB. – E.C. – WEST CONTRA COSTA – TRI- VALLEY – Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Danville,etc – OAKLAND HILLS (Mont’/Pied.) – CLAREMONT – ROCKRIDGE – SO. ALAMEDA COUNTY – CENTRAL CONTRA COSTA -Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda,Alamo etc JAN 28 APR 29 AUG 26 MAR 11 JULY13 OU17 DEC 1 please Reserve Early – LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Mailings based on minimum   [si-contact-form


Marketing Forecast – Internet Leads

ADOLOGY Marketing forecast 2013holidays wiht man bestv=MudOMuj6WpU&list=PL7BC
BIG TICKET spending – 27% plan to buy a new high definision TVand 19% an IPAD or Android tablet. 31% will be in the market for a new smartphone.  
Based on this information, advertisers can expect to put more dollars into digital advertising, be it email or mobile or blog marketing. And, that’s exactly what business was already finding last holiday season, that email, mobile and internet coupons and ads were the most effective way to advertise.
adology most effective marketing methods
ADVERTISING IS CHANGING, we know, and that is backed up  in latest findings from AD-OLOGY’s 2013 Small Business Marketing Forecast that  internet is replacing print and other ad media as  ad medium of choice:
  ‘72% of Businesses now are using EMAIL MARKETING and one in five are spending more money in 2013.  26.9% say the largest part of their marketing budget will be spent on email marketing – more than on newspaper, TV, radio and direct mail
While most businesses take care of their own client-base emailing, CouponCountry and  reaches out to NEW prospective customers through it’s proprietary list of thousands of known, local, coupon users and buyers. For $97/month they offer weekly or bi-weekly ’email blasts’ as part of their ‘TOP 7-in-1 Marketing Package’   925-284-7168  

TEXT MARKETING – The New Frontier!

Text marketing included in Coupon Country’s 7-in-1 Complete Marketing Package . Skyrocket your results with your own independent Text Program, like Tommy T’s… Call 925-284-7168 or replay with contact form here. DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND! [si-contact-form form=’1′] TEXT MARKETING – The New Frontier –  


FREE Top-Rated NEW MARKETING ! The Complete 7-in-1 Package – Pay for 1, GET 6 FREE

___ DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING (Coupon Country) – featuring Solo Mailers : Anytime, Anywhere  – The 2nd most popular ad medium targets your specific FREE-The following 6 Top Marketing Media with purchase of Direct Mail (above ): ___FREE OPTIMIZED WEBPAGE (SEO ) INTERNET ADVERTISING ___ FREE EMAIL Blasts ($99. VALUE/ mo.) – Opt-in email is stil one of the most popular ad media. ___ FREE MOBILE Marketing – Along with Text Marketing, it’s the new big thing. By next year it is expected that more people will be shopping from their cell phones than from their PCs. ___ FREE Mobile Apps Coupon Country / has a new apps . Cell phone users upload our mobile-friendly apps to access your web pages for instant, frequent shopping from their phones . Don’t Be Left Behind. Call Your Friendly 1-Stop-Cost-Effective Marketing Comoany: 1-888-422-6876 Call (925)284-7168 or Reserve Space Online at: [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]   TEXT MARKETING- New Frontier –   97% readership and 4-15% response rate!  Only $99 / mo. DETAILS: FREE EMAIL BLASTS With Optimized Internet Page only $50/month 888-422-6876 with your customer email list  / $100 without 1) FREE EMAIL BLASTS to thousands of receptive East Bay Area shoppers and coupon users. Just share your bonafide customer opt-in email list and we’ll blast your message to not only your own list but our valued data base of several thousand coupon users and shoppers in the local market. If you don’t have an email list we only charge $50 a month for between 2 and 4 email blasts.  (CONT.) 2) INTERNET WEB PAGE, OPTIMIZED for 1ST PAGE GOOGLE SEARCHES . For  $50 you get your own optimized webpage  or landing page connected to your website that will generally appear on PAGE 1 of GOOGLE searches with 1-2 weeks!  Email Blast included FREE!   3) And for $400 we’ll mail your message to 10,000 addresses THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY, THRU THE POST OFFICE – still the most effective ad medium, direct mail  (and we’ll throw in the email and webpage – $100 bonus!)   COUPON COUNTRY/ KAUFMAN ADVERTISING…Such a Deal! (Top 2 rated ad media) 510-444-0805 925-284-7168 888-4-A-WEBPAGE      1-888-4-A-COUPON (1-888-422-6876)   NEWSPAPERS ARE OUT! Reserve Space Now: Coupons with Direct Mail plus Internet- HIGHEST-RATED AD MEDIA FOR 2009 at ONE LOW-COST PLACE! Instant On-Line 2-in-1 Direct Mail plus Internet Coupon Advertising Special Package (NOT a Binding Agreement) Heres what you get: – Top 2 MOST POPULAR, EFFECTIVE Advertising Media for Small Business (Adology – ) 1.) Full Service- Full Page Coupon MAILING including everything: Quality Design, Printing and Postage to 10,000 addresses of choosing plus color and gloss cover placement (as available) – This is 1/10 the cost of a solo mailing or 1st class letter for postage alone . 2.) FREE Coupon Website with printable coupon, highly optimized on popular coupon sites, AND half of our clients show up on first page of Google!). If you don’t already have a website, you will now; if you do have a website we will link this with yours for maximum results. (This feature alone is a $500+ value) 3.) Your Business LOGO on front cover of coupon book mailer. Continued…. CLICK HERE FOR MORE and / or to SIGN UP!

KAUFMAN ADVERTISING – 1-888-4-A-COUPON 1-888-422-6876GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RANKING GUARANTEED Or You Don’t Pay!!!   And then, it’s only $25 a month for a coupon min-website once you’re satisfied! Months of studying the new science of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has been paying off and we will share our secrets with you!  Simply click this link and  fill out info OR  email with your basic coupon/website info to get started. See you on Googe First Page in 24  hours  OR  Call us for more information 1-888-422-6876 Business Card CLICK  FINGERS AT LEFT – Bay Area Advertising, Bay Area Coupons, East Bay Advertising, San Francisco Bay Area Advertising, Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Concord, Danville, Contra Costa, Alameda County, East bay, San Francisco Bay Area coupons, CA online advertising, internet advertising, advertising marketing, online marketing, advertising agency  


Bay Area Coupons . info
WEB ADVERTISING TAKING OFF (9-11-09) Business Owners: Don’t Miss the Boat!
It appears we’re really coming into the internet age of advertising… at least at Coupon Country’s and , now, its new affiliate,….
‘ Response is starting to pour in off the internet coupons. Suddenly, people are printing out the online coupons from and bringing them in.. along with the usual great response from the Coupon Country mailed coupon books.’ – Tina, AZ Cleaners, Oakland ”Thanks for keeping me up on the internet . I’m getting almost as many responses  as from the mailed coupons. Not that the mailed ones aren’t doing well, just that the Yellow Pages Internet coupons are really coming in now. ‘ – Farhan, Ace Smog Check, Berkeley
These are just two of many who have expressed new-found satisfaction for another recession stimulant, to go along with the Coupon Country mailers. This corroborates recent survey results (Ad-ology) that Internet Advertising (#1) and Direct Mail (#2) are the two leading ad media of 2009 – and we’ve got them both right here for you – and at much lower rates than one used to pay for formerly top-rated Yellow Book , newspaper and radio/TV advertising Internet research shows that it takes about 20 impressions , or web visits, for every one redeemed coupon. It seems that this has been the pattern with We’ve monitored the increasing web traffic for YellowPagesCoupons via Google Analytics and, with a little supportive marketing and repetition, YellowPagesCoupons is now doing its thing.
DOUBLE THE PLEASURE at In our web research we’re finding that Two Is Better Than One. That is, two or more websites will bring in more response than a single one. There are certain limitations, including competing ads, categories and keywords, using one website. So, we’ve come up with a second supportive website for Coupon Country in http://www.BayAreaCoupons. info Unlike, is exclusively Bay Area local. One will have a lower ‘bounce’ rate here as people coming to the site will ALL be coming for Bay Area coupons, rather than some for National shopping . Not to say that hasn’t benefited local advertisers by converting some ‘national shoppers’ who may reside in the Bay Area, but nobody will have to turn away when coming to Bay Area Coupons.
Special Feature: Bay Area Coupons will feature an Advertiser or Advertisers of the Month. This will amount to a full blown site spread with a ‘FEATURED’ link at the top of the home page, as you can see in the sample header, above. Advertisers of the Month will be determined somewhat randomly by us – based largely on loyal advertisers who have been faithful – if you know what we mean – during these recessionary time. We haven’t had it easy here, either, what with huge postal and printing bills due in advance of mailings! This is one way of rewarding those advertisers. If we don’t get to you right away as a ‘Featured’ performer, as it were, we will. (Feel free to petition us and we will, more than likely, get you up there, with added copy, shortly. (You can email us additional pictures and info for this.) To be featured, advertisers must be regular Coupon Country advertsers , though one can sign up for ‘website only’ at our special low introductory rates. Call or write for more info
Your Name (required) [text* your-name] Your Email (required) [email* your-email] I’d like to be on Google Page 1 for only $50/mo. Send me simple agreement for 3 months. [text your-subject] I’m interested in your PACKAGE DEAL 2-in-1 Direct Mail and Internet – Top 2 Ad Media. Here’s a brief description of my business, URL (if any) and keywords (if any). [textarea your-message] [submit “Send”]


ADVERTISE EFFECTIVELY on Top 2 – rated Ad Media!

[contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”] BEST ADVERTISING DEAL [contact-form 4 “Contact form 1_copy”] [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]   USE HANDY ONLINE FORM, ABOVE, OR PRINT OUT and FAX form, below: ***************** AD BROKERS – SALES REPS WANTED to open up new territories across U.S. No start-up cost. Call for details. Burt 1- 888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-429-3272) ******************  



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PACKAGE DEAL:  OPTIMIZED WEB PAGE & DIRECT MAIL – TOP 2 RATED AD MEDIA  – FREE Web Page with any direct mailing (Coupon Country!

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  ****************** BROKERS – SALES REPS WANTED to open up new territories across U.S. No start-up cost. Call for details.Burt 888-4-A-WEBPAGE ( 888-422-6876)





NEWSPAPERS AND PHONE DIRECTORIES ARE OUT! Direct Mail and Internet Coupons Are In – the HIGHEST-RATED AD MEDIA FOR 2009 at ONE LOW-COST PLACE! Check out our new Special Promo:

  EXTRA SPECIAL… BUSINESS CARD COUPON WEBSITE – ONLY $25 / month!We take the extra time (SEO)to make sure you come up on Google first page searches. – Or try our new PACKAGE DEAL – Top 2 Ad Media for One Low Price – Coupon Website PLUS Direct Mail (See Bel0w)



O n l i n e  t o  G r o w a s  2 6 %  as Small B u s i n e s s e s  U p  A d  S p e n d i n g

Though 97% of US small-business owners have some degree of concern about today’s dismal economy, 26% plan to spend more on advertising – especially online – and another 60% plan to spend about the same as in 2008, according to a report from Ad-ology Research. The “Ad-ology Small Business Marketing Outlook” survey found that though 25% of owners of small businesses with less than 100 employees are fearful about the current economic situation and 58% are concerned, they are also cautiously optimistic. Some 83% expect 2009 sales to be up or about the same as 2008. In terms of 2009 spending on various media types, more than half of small business advertisers plan to spend the same or more on the following: Online advertising (69%), Yellow Pages (54%), direct mail (51%) and newspapers (51%),. The biggest factors for small-business owners in making the decision to select specific advertising vehicles are rates (50%), proximity to business prospects (48%) and doing what the company has always done (41%). adology-influences-advertising-media-bought-2009.jpg Despite plans to increase spending in some areas, the research also reveals that small-business owners are increasingly questioning whether mass media advertising effectively reaches their desired audience. These advertisers understand the importance of being top-of mind with their customers, and they agree that advertising plays a crucial role in the future of their businesses. However, most (78%) think referrals are their best source for new customers and only 37% think the best way to deliver their marketing message is “to as many people as we can.” Still, nearly 60% of advertisers surveyed feel that their advertising works more than 40% of the time and judge its effectiveness mostly based on an increase in foot or phone traffic (34%), increased lead generation (21%), and an increase in net sales (21%). Broken down by specific media, 44% of respondents ranked online advertising as effective, followed by direct mail (32%), Yellow Pages (28%), and newspapers (27%). adology-small-business-marketing-effective-advertising-media-delivering-message.jpg This perceived effectiveness is directly related to the planned 2009 spending for these media types, Ad-ology said. Other survey findings: * More than two-thirds of businesses surveyed indicate they did not spend at least $1,000 on advertising in the preceding 12 months, mainly because of budget limitations. Forty-eight percent of these non-advertisers do not advertise because of lack of money and 47% cited the high cost of advertising. * 52% of small business owners agree with the statement “you can gain market share by marketing while your competitors are cutting back.” * 74% believe their company must be one of the first two or three that come to a customer’s mind when they need what the small business owner is selling. * More than half of respondents plan to spend the same or more time and money on their websites (53%), e-mail marketing to current clients (55%), and e-mail marketing to potential clients (51%). Use of and interest in the more established online marketing methods continue to grow for small businesses. adology-small-business-plan-spend-more-less-online-marketing-2009.jpg * 58% plan to spend more on social networking in 2009, but the majority are not using other emerging media beyond email and websites: 77% do not use online video, 83% do not podcast, and 82% do not use mobile advertising. * When evaluating media ad sales reps, small-business owners look first for one who “knows my company/line of business, ” and “delivers what they promise.” “Small business owners rely on advertising sales reps for guidance and are clearly looking for consultative partners in the advertising process,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research. “They are more likely to purchase advertising from those that understand their business,” Smith said. About the research: The survey was conducted by Ad-ology Research via an online panel of 863 owners of US businesses with less than 100 employees in October 2008. The Small Business Marketing Outlook report is available for purchase at 3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd #288, Lafayette, CA 94549  (925)284-7168  788-3316 fax (925)283-8035

G O O G L E      F I R S T      


    P A G E       R A N K I N G        


Or You Don’t Pay!!! And then, it’s only $50 a month for a coupon mini-website once you’re satisfied!

Months of studying the new science of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has been paying off and we will share our secrets with you! Simply fill out below info OR email with your basic coupon/website info to get started. See you on Google FirstPage !!!Business Card ‘Ive received almost as many redeemed internet coupons from which is included free- as from the CouponCountry mailers. -Farhan, ACE Smog ‘Just got in my first bunch of redeemed internet coupons this week, plus all the mailed ones. Love it! – Tina, A2z ALTERATIONS’ ‘My Top 2 advertising media, both great on their own- direct mail and internet. We’re opening a new store and can’t wait to employ Coupon Country and YellowPagesCoupons. – Eren, Auto INTERNET ONLY – COUPON WEBSITE RESERVATION

HAVE YOUR COUPON/MINI-WEBSITE SEEN with #1 RATED ADVERTSING BY THOUSANDS OF PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS TODAY! Only $25 per month – Rated No.1 Advertising Medium, Online Advertising, for 2009 by survey of small business and consumers (Ad-ology )EASY, ONLINE / FAX SIGN-UP:


1) JUST CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND FILL OUT THE SIMPLE AGREEMENTand attach a jpeg or pdf file of your coupon/ ad info to approximate proportion/size of the template shown (7 1/2″ x 3″)and sign(may type your name) and email back or fax back (925)283-8035 , then


2) PAY USING THE HANDY PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD MENU BELOW CLICK FROM THE THREE CHOICES MENU, BELOW, CHOOSING WHETHER YOU WANT THE 3 MONTH STARTER = $50 (A $25 savings) , 1 Year =$200 (a $100 savings) or 2 Years=$400 (a $200 savings) .Then click the small ‘BUY NOW’ Button.


Your coupon/website should be up and optimized to appear high on search engines and visible to thousands or millions of people within 24 hours. Questions? Contact us:



1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE  (1-888-429-3272) 925-284-7168


BROKERS – SALES REPS WANTED to open up new territories across U.S. No start-up cost. Call for details. Burt 888-4-A-WEBPAGE ( 888-422-6876)




TEXT MARKETING – The Hottest New Marketing, from $99 -Get 97% readership and 7-15% actual ‘act on. ‘Whether you’re looking for coupons on your smart phone or great mobile advertising (text marketing is hot!) we’ve got it for you right here! Just let us know how we can help you: [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]


 Internet Marketing Consultant- Internet Marketing


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