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FROM YET ANOTHER (2014)  IMPROBABLE  #SFGiants World Series



2012 SF Giants Reminiscent of

2010 World Series Champions


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News that the Giants cut the cord with the Melkman for the playoffs was not so surprising.  If they resigned yet another PED (performance enhancing  durgs) player it would look bad, especially after the way Cabrera
walked out on the Giants and played politics after that. ‘
Besides, the Giants have more than enough other PED players on the team to more than fillthe void, Pretty strong words, right? Well , just look at the numbers.


The Giants are a virtual carbon copy of the 2010 world series team, filled with unlikely players who have suddenly come into big numbers after the All Star break, and not so coincidentally after getting to know Cabrera and his bag of tricks.



The biggest ‘surprise’ is marco scutaro, a player who has never hit over .299 in a long career, who is hitting around .350 in over 200 at bats since meeting Cabrera and the Jints. He is 37, an age when most players are retired or at least slowing down; he is suddenly having
his best half season in a non-hitters ball park. He’s even hitting for some power here; surprising he couldn’t do it in the Colorado hitter’s ballpark.  I doubt Colorado would have literally given him away to Giants if they didn’t know something, or knew that his career was REALLY
over, sans ‘secret sauce.’


But, perhaps, the biggest tip-off is that Scutaro, reportedly, had only
eight, count ’em, eight swing and misses since joining the Giants in those 200+ at batsas of late September, contrasting to about 40 strikeouts through early August at Colorado.It is said that one of the main benefits of PEDs is increased vision and hand-eye coordiationi.





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#SFGiants Secret To Success – Not Striking Out, Says

Verducci-Yet GIANT Anomaly  



Then, you have Angel Pagan, batting .291 with 36 doubles in the same large ballpark. Doublesmeans power -where did it suddenly come from?. Pagan is no spring chicken either. Sure he
had some good years in his prime but last year had dropped to .262 with 7 homers and 24 doublesand he’s alredy got 8 homers and 36 doubles in the larger San Francisco ballpark … Infield Arias is even a worse scenario than Pagan. He’s never batted over .250 in a full
season in the majors and now, sudenly we see him at .272 and coming out of the blue, playing like Andres Torrez suddenly did in 2010, again, in a big ballpark, unfriendly to  hitters.


We can go on. there’s Hector Sanchez,. Blanco and even Belt, all suddenly having their best seasons. In fact the only player in the starting lineup not hjtting over .270  is Hunter Pence.. and he just got here.. and never got to meet the Melkman and his bag of tricks. But give him time. … there’s still Mota. It might not be too late


.. and as for the pitchers, we haven’t
talked about Casia, another Latin player, who’s become a strikeout king since joining the Giants. We know about Mota, and don’t be surprised to see him doing same if he decides to go back to the ‘secret sauce.’



It’s really interesting how the Giants are parelleling the 2010 team. Only difference is that instead of a late season acquisition keying the team,ala  Jose Guillen, ‘helping’ the team with his own brand
of secret sause, the Giants have had  most of the eason the  benefit of the Melkman and his sauce, and when he got booted they had Scutaro in tow to literally fill in Cabrera’s  numbers – and the Giants have even improved since then! So, like 2010 when the team usually would slow down during the ‘dog days’ the Giants actually got very hot, with perhaps the best record in baseball since the allstar break!



Likely most of the newfound successes, especially among Latin players have come as a result of getting to know the Milkman. Like Scutaro, remember how Cody Ross came along as late season acquisition to suddenly hit with unheard of numbers after meeting Guillen
(before he was dismissed) and fellow Giants. Meanwhile, guys named Huff, Burl, Torrez and Uribe were suddenly having career seasons, not to mention pitchers like Ramirez, Mota, Casia and maybe even Wilson – and surprising playoffs! Intereseting to see
players like Huff, Burl, Uribe and Torrez all see their numbers drop off dramatically after the one big year, as drug testing toughened in 2011.



Note how little shock and dissappointment there was among the team players upon learning about Cabrera’s actions, even after his cover-up episode. . And, then Mota was even brought back, right after the Cabreara
dismissal,  something that surprised a lot of local sportswriters. . And, the Giants would probably  have brought back Cabrera, too, if he had just handled things a little better. Plus, they don’t seem to need him anymore.



So, you’ve got one solid player on the giants, Buster Posey  We feel he’s legit. Beyond that,  it’s 2010 and the Barry Bonds era continuing , sans homeruns at AT&T, on a team that reflects it’s city’s
liberal image, insisting players like Mota should be given not a second but third chance.



Think about it, or don’t, like most of the young giants’ fans. It’s a different era where anything goes. Win at any cost and if MLB will look the other way, what the heck. Take advantage Sabean.
Sabean knows that MLB will not police the players so the Giants continue towardsthe playoffs ala 2010, replete with ‘Breakfast of Champions.2012 SF Giants Reminiscent of 2010 World Series Champions


2012 SF Giants Reminiscent of 2010 World Series Champions

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