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Find cheap gas prices near you! Save yourself money at the pump by using our real-time gas price locator to get some of the cheapest gas deals in your area.

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LOWEST GAS PRICES Updated Daily for  United States. Find Lowest car fuel costs in your area .  Search by Map (Simply  CLICK or DOUBLE CLICK ON YOUR AREA and either PUT IN YOUR ZIP CODE IN BOX OR ZOOM IN AND CONTINUE CLICKING  TO REACH YOUR DESTINATION.  YOU MAY ALSO USE ARROWS, TOP LEFT, TO MOVE THE MAP TO SHOW YOUR STATE) OR  Zip Code. Compiled by people like you. Please help us all save on high gas prices by replying (below) with other low price gasoline stations in your area we may have  missed. A public service from Gas Buddy ,Yellow Pages Coupons and JB, The Coupon Guy.


  1. Some areas only minutes away may have lower gasoline  prices.
  2. Avoid High Speeds – the faster you go the more fuel you are using.
  3. Driving habits: start slow and use steady accelearation.  If you plan your braking, do it slow.
  4. Some cars use as much gasoline braking as accelerating.
  5. Tires: – air pressure is key. Check manufacture manual:  some cars  have it in the drivers door jam.
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