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by the Coupon Guy

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I just want share some coupon facts with  people hurting from the economy out there in cyber space.
Coupons are just like free money! That’s right –FREE MONEY ! The manufactures, stores, restaurants, and any service, etc, want you to use them so Just Do It and enjoy the savings.  In this day and age most people want and need to save money and cut back. And we will help you to do that today and in the weeks to come, thru this coupon page.
Coupons are every where these days  — in the mail, on the computer, on your door, on products you buy. You need to be coupon conscious and aware.  Just ‘think coupons’ and saving money and it will come to you! Its like finding money on the street. Just pick it up and use it.
All the coupon marketers have designed coupons to stimulate savings.  Consumers need to take advantage and use coupons.
Why use coupons?
1) To save money and get more value for your dollar.
2) You are helping America stay in business.
3) Think of all the people that it takes just to get a coupon in your hand. You’re  helping thousands of people every day keep their jobs or businesses- Designers, Graphic Artists, Printers, U.S. Mail… the list go on.
One of the best places to find coupons is The Sunday Newpaper.
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