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Giants’ Reality Setting in, ‘Homer ‘ Announcers


This year Jose Guillen is gone. But most of the others are still with the Giants, broken down or injured. Think about it… GM Brian Sabean was known for his poor trades – Zito, Rowand, etc – and then he started going after players no other teams wanted – for good reason. Coincidense that all these players whose better years were behind them suddenly all came to life at the same time last September, after the addition of Guillen and his mail deliveries?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bay,the A’s have perhaps better hitters than the Giants but GM Billy Beane continues to shuffle s bodies… not that it seems to improve the play of the team. It took a fan revolt to get rid of his friend, manager Bob Geren after four years of losing. Beane seems to have a talent for qcquiring some good players, short term, but only after giving away guys who seem to improve once they leave the As . Seems like Beane didn’t really care much about winning anymore. He’s had his first four losing seasons these past years since A’s ownership -including Beane- has been very vocal about wanting to move the team. And, now , in a recent statement, Beane actually admitted the A’s are just ‘treading water’ until they can get their new stadium, preferably in San Jose or anywhere but Oakland. Any surprise Oakland’s fan base continues to dwindle with ownership that doesn’t seem to care?


We talked recently about the SF Giants sinking back to their true reality, the worst hittin team in baseball. If you listen to the Giants announcer, they seem to be following suite. Rather than announcers, they might be characterized as the ‘Giatns radio cheering section. Messeurs Fleeming, ‘Kru’ and thje “hall of Famer’ Miller seem to constantly be urgint eh Giants on, to little avail in recent days. They seem to spend much of their time complaining about the the bad breaks the Giants get, the injuries and especially the umpires and how they make bad calls on the Giants but not their opponents. And, their announcing prowess is sprinkled with cliches. We should nickname Flemming ‘ Big time’ and Miller ‘Indeed’ or ‘Wow’ or ‘Just Like That’ orany number of other over-used terms. And then there’s Miller’s pregnant pauses, eg ‘Your (pause) Giants’ (pause) announcers’ Does he think he’s cute?    The Giants are said to have one of the best announcing teams. I don’t think so. The A’s , who could use some ‘homers’ more than the Giants have a much better announcing staff, who better use their time to discuss topics of interest other than the bad breaks of the team.

The big culprit of the Giants is ownership. They are the ones who do everything in a calculating way, ie win at any cost,  including not   considering letting the Oakland A’s  exploring  a move to ‘their’ territory in San Jose (which is kind of crarzy as they would have the Eastbay market pretty much their own if the A’s moved to San Jose. It’s ta team not hesitant to pick up prior known steroid users that other teams won’t touch.

Am then there’s Kruko, who is over the top at defending the Giants, though of late I think he is  finally realizing he’s been making a fool of himself believing the Giants are a good team.


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Giants’ Reality Setting in, ‘Homer ‘ Announcers Symptomatic

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