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Holiday Sales Forecast – Big Ticket Items, Online Marketing-Top 10 Store Deals

EXPECT BIG TICKET HOLIDAY spending – 27% plan to buy a new high definision TVand 19% an IPAD or Android tablet. 31% will be in the market for a new smartphone, according to Adology’s 2014 Holiday forecast
Based on this information, advertisers can expect to put more dollars into digital advertising, be it email or mobile or blog marketing. And, that’s exactly what business was already finding last holiday season, that email, mobile and internet coupons and ads were the most effective way to advertise.
ADVERTISING IS CHANGING, we know, and that is backed up  in latest findings from AD-OLOGY’s 2013 Small Business Marketing Forecast that  internet is replacing print and other ad media as  ad medium of choice:
  ‘72% of Businesses now are using EMAIL MARKETING and one in five are spending more money in 2013.  26.9% say the largest part of their marketing budget will be spent on email marketing – more than on newspaper, TV, radio and direct mail

Holiday Sales Forecast – Big Ticket Items, Online Marketing




While most businesses take care of their own client-base emailing, CouponCountry and  reaches out to NEW prospective customers through it’s proprietary list of thousands of known, local, coupon users and buyers. For $97/month they offer weekly or bi-weekly ’email blasts’ as part of their ‘TOP 7-in-1 Marketing Package’   925-284-7168  

Holiday Sales Forecast – Big Ticket Items, Online Marketing

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