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Georgia recount is expected to finish up shortly but don’t expect much new. Even the New York Times has spelled out the Dems’ modus operandi , noting that it will be too late to match ballots to envelopes since they’ve already been separated. They’re merely ‘recounting the illegal vote,’ is the way Trump lawyer Lin Wood puts it . Wood is trying to stop the ‘SHAM RECOUNT’ at this time. Wood. who lives and works out of Atlanta, says Trump should have a 70% landslide victory when it’s all done {which is even more than the 2-3 million margin predicted by Sidney Powell),

Despite everything, Trump somehow picked up 2600 ‘undiscovered’ votes last night and just now another 2700 for 5300, which brings him almost halfway back to winning Georgia-without going to court.. Maybe the pressure is on the Dems now not to get caught .

Georgia is facing the same case as in Pennsylvania where the courts tried to change the laws instead of the legislature. ‘They want to overthrow the government in the disguise of an election…The driving force is Communist China,’ says Wood, ‘American people need to wake up and I think they are…and we will win. Just takes time. America will learn the truth soon that President Trump won an overwhelming victory.’ Wood expects the case to go to the 11th circuit court, and , hopefully, to the Supreme Court. (Lin Wood on Mark Levin radio program 11-17}

If you believe the election is over, watch this late breaking news from Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Marie Bartiromo and watch Tucker Carlson (above). Especially pay attention to Sidney Powell, following Rudy Giuliani. (POWELL is the attorney who was able to finally spring Michael Flynn).

STOP! You probably don’t have any idea where things stand in the election and you probably think Trump has lost from all the misinformation/false rumours and brainwashing you’ve received-unless you read this and Watch(ed) video(s) below , paticularly first one, Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Maria Bartiromo. Things are happening behind the scenes…

  • 923 Verified Affidavits of Voter Fraud
  • 15,000+ Incidents of Voting Irregularities Rep[orted
  • JUST IN: 2,600 Newly uncovered votes for Trump discovered in Georgia
  • 28 States Being Targeted for Irregularities (30 States Use the Dominion Machines)

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Trump Lawyers Confident of Evidence to Back Up ‘Stolen Election’ Claim, Trump Win by 2-3 Million Votes

Evidence is still coming in ‘like through a fire hose,’ says Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, in support of the Trump voter fraud allegations, with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pieces of evidence.

Chief among them are the voting machine concerns.

Even many conservatives have given up hopes of a Trump Presidential win because they’re drinking the mass media koolaid. One can’t avoid the anti-Trump reporting these days

Yet, 70% of conservatives still believe the election was rigged, according to recent Gallup survey


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