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Disneyland original, Children’s Fairyland Oakland –

Fairyland Anniversary Childrens Fairyland, in Oakland – the main inspiration for famous Walt Disney’s Disney lands- turns 60 this month with a big celebration. As a kid who grew up there, I hope they’ll let me in this time sans children. Afterall, I’m a big child anyway. Don’t miss this. Get your new clear Magic Key. I can’t wait to return to my youth!

Disneyland original, Children’s Fairyland Oakland –

Fairyland AnniversaryLet us know if you grew up with Fairyland and if you’re going! Here are details.

Join us for our fantasy costume party. Come dressed as your favorite storybook character or in 50’s outfits & wish a happy birthday to the original children’s storybook park in the U.S.

September 11 & 12

All Day

Visit the Chapel of Peace, relax and watch short movies all about Fairyland!


Children’s Theatre presents “Mariposa”: A play woven from Latin American folktales about butterflies, Mariposas tells stories of why the butterflies are silent, why they don’t fly straight, and why they migrate each year. Created by the cast.


Children’s Theatre presents “The Golden Reed”: In this tale from China, a dragon is kidnapping the children, and a young boy sets out to rescue them. On the way he finds a golden reed pipe that makes all who hear it dance. He learns to play, and with the magic of his music he defeats the dragon and the children dance all the way home. Adapted by Doyle Ott with music by Julia Norton.


Children’s Theatre presents “The Fairyland Musicians”: In this retelling of the brothers Grimms classic story of the Bremen Town Musicians, a group of farm animals sets out to become a musical act. A few wild friends and some classic rock and roll songs, in our 1950’s era retelling, bring great success to the house band at the brand-new Fairyland. Written by Tony Jonick.


Join us for Fairyland’s 50’s Sock Hop, lead by The Fairyland Musicians. Kick off those shoes and dance your way back to 1950.

11am & 2pm & 4pm

Puppet Show: the Love of Three Oranges. Based loosely on the opera by Serge Prokofiev and the designs of Maurice Sendak, this delightful tale follows Prince Leandro on his mission to break a spell and find true love. A Commedia Del’ Arte tale. Puppets and script by Lewis Mahlmann.


The Marilynn O’Hare Arts & Crafts Center is open with activities geared toward children and their families. Supported by Macy’s West.


Animal of the Day! Come up close and learn about one of our animal friends. Which one of Fairyland’s feathered, furry or wooly creatures will it be today? Find out at the Humpty Dumpty wall.


Join Cotton Candy Express as they sing & dance to celebrate our 60th.


Join Jacqueline Lynaugh as Blue Fairy in our Parade of Characters in honor of Fairyland’s 60th

11:30am SATURDAY 11th ONLY

Join the performers from Dance 10 Performing Arts Center as they dance a special birthday wish for Fairyland.

12:00pm SATURDAY 11th ONLY

Join us for a brief program, sing a birthday song & have a piece of cake in honor of our 60th.

12:30pm SATURDAY 11th ONLY

Join the professional actors from the Screen Actors Guild as they take you back to the 1950’s through special stories from that year.

Kids, Have Fun at Original Disney in Oakland, Ca, celebrating 60 years @…arel-computers/

Disneyland original, Children’s Fairyland Oakland,Fairyland Anniversary

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