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$25 Gift Certificates for $2.00! 80% off $25 Gift Cert. orders.

REVIEW: is a marketing website that offers discounted dining certificates for popular and lesser known restaurants around the country. You buy a restaurant certificate for less than its face value, and redeem it at your chosen restaurant for the full face value. The standard rate for a $25 dining certificate is $10, a savings of $15 off your meal, but even greater discounts are regularly offered with special discount codes, so you may get a $25 dining certificate for as little as $2.
None of the amount you pay goes to the restaurant, so the amount of the certificate you buy ($10, $25, $50, $100) is the marketing fee they are paying to get you in the door. For this reason, each restaurant sets a minimum purchase requirement, so you usually have to order $35-$50 worth of food (not including alcohol) to redeem a $25 certificate. There may also be other conditions such as the days or time of day that a certificate can be used. Many restaurants don’t allow you to use dining certificates on Friday or Saturday nights. $10 certificates are usually only good for lunch.

I use certificates often because it’s really easy to go to the website, type in the zip code where I need a restaurant, check the menus and prices and buy and print a certificate.


Once, as an experiment, I bought a certificate for Kavikas in Long Beach when I was nowhere near a printer. I emailed the certificate to myself so I could access it on my iPhone to see if the restaurant could get the code off of there. The certificate was 80% off, so I was only paying $4 for a $50 certificate, so I figured it wouldn’t be a big loss if it didn’t work, and I could print it and use it later. As it turned out, they couldn’t just take the code from the iPhone, but the owner let me log on to my email from his computer and print it in his office. Dinner was awesome and getting the discount made it even better. That was certainly above and beyond the call of duty, and I would not count on that happening if you attempt the same experiment.

You are expected to tip on the full amount of the bill before the discount.

Note: Be sure to check menu prices before deciding on a certificate. Sometimes you can get dinner for 2 for far less than the minimum order required.

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4 out of 5 STARS
A good deal as long as you understand what it is, Member mikinga

SF Eastbay Name restaurants include Max’s diner, Crogan’s Montclair, The Terrace Room, Havana, Extreme Pizza, Sunrise Bistro, Pasta Primavera, Zingari, Faultline Brewing,Prima Ristorante, Milano and hundreds more.

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