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Save More Money on Gasoline   with Rising Prices!

                                                      – from The COUPON GUY
          That’s right  –  gasoline prices are rising every day in SoCal and just about EVERYWHERE!. Why Greed?  But if you can save money on gasoline would you?Yes, read on. I’m making this short and sweet, I could write for hours, this is just the very basic stuff.
               Find the cheapest price in your area BY NAVIGATING BELOW MAP  ( BE  SURE TO DOUBLE CLICK EACH TIME TO ZOOM IN) and/ or  checking  the gasoline websites such as
  1. Some areas only minutes away may have lower gasoline  prices.
  2. Avoid High Speeds – the faster you go the more fuel you are using.
  3. Driving habits: start slow and use steady accelearation.  If you plan your braking, do it slow.
  4. Some cars use as much gasoline braking as accelerating.
  5. Tires: – air pressure is key. Check manufacture manual:  some cars  have it in the drivers door jam.


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