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PrePaid Legal Reviews
Is PrePaid Legal Services a Scam?

Prepaid legal Services is an innovative company that came up with a unique product and business opportunity. Prepaid legal is similar to an insurance company except that they have created a network of legal service providers.
Essentially people pay monthly fees, of generally under 30 dollars, in exchange for discounts and access to attorneys. Prepaid legal covers legal events such as letters, wills, buying a house or a car, problems with insurance companies, identity theft, and more.
The idea is that if an occasion arises in which you require legal assistance you can contact Prepaid Legal.  In regards to simple matters that need legal review this service can save you lots of money.  Generally most attorneys charge outrageous rates just for their time alone and prepaid legal services work to avoid that.
In addition, Prepaid Legal offers a business opportunity in which people can sell and recruit others to sell prepaid legal memberships.  It’s a typical MLM structure and some people have reported solid earnings due to the demand of the product.  However, early on the prepaid legal program came under fire for misrepresenting retention rates of its members, an important factor in people’s decisions to join.
With any prepaid legal service it is important to find out exactly what scenarios are covered in your plan.  For example, the majority to do not cover tort litigation, criminal cases, and are of little help in traffic cases.
Overall prepaid legal is recommended if you’re expecting the need for legal services or advice on general matters and lack alternative resources.  If you seek specialized legal advice then Prepaid Legal services are most likely not going to work out for you.

Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for ‘Prepaid Legal’

tony   glen burnie md

11:01am on Monday, October 4th, 2010

i am new to the ppl business and the mlm concept. to all of those gripping about its a scam and you didnt make any money…
the person who introduced me to this told me up front not to expect to get rich quick. its an awesome way to supplement youre income. there are of lot of folks im sure who may imply this to someone just to get them to join for their own personal gain. no its not a pyramid. you dont have to have anyone on “youre team” . you can sell direct. can you do that in a pyramid and make any money? i hardly doubt it. its horrible to think their are people out there who are so greedy they would misrepresent this company for their own selfish reasons, but theyre out there.
the product is one of a kind. true you may get the service and never have to use it. i have medical insurance and have never had to use it. but that doesnt mean i want to get rid of it!one things for sure, my life insurance policy wont ever benefit me but i aint getting rid of it either.and i sure aint looking forward to using its benefits! ive had auto insurance for 30 years and have never filed a claim. but its the peace of mind having there if i were to ever need it. ppl will never make you rich over nite. it does take hard work and some time to get it rolling. some think it does and when it doesnt, they get an attitude and hate the world.all they want to do is strike back at the company. hey its not the companies fault you didnt have the drive or determination to better yourself. look in the mirror, you’ll find the responsible party there.

Ramiro   CA

11:37am on Friday, October 1st, 2010

Who cares what ANYBODY thinks! Think for yourself! If your dream is to be a trash man/woman, then be that! If you want to be a teacher, then be that! If you want to be an Entrepreneur, then be that! PPL is not for everybody just like being a doctor is not for everybody or being a fireman is not for everybody. But I do know that there will always be negativity in this world. Just do what you want to do and don’t pay attention to the negative people.

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