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With hundreds of free printable coupons from familiar consumer brands, Coupons is the undisputed leader in providing print-at-home coupons to consumers looking for savings! Coupons  works with well known companies such as General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilever offering many local in-store coupons.  Best Grocery coupons and more – restaurant deals, food discounts, retail coupons, etc.


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Digital Coupons Represent Fastest Growing Coupon Segment in 2010

Over $1.2 Billion in Savings Issued from Digital Coupon Network in 2010, Representing 41 Percent Growth

Mountain View, Calif. – February 8, 2011 – Following recent research demonstrating coupon distribution in the U.S. increased 6.8 percent in 2010 and that more coupons were distributed during the year than ever before, Incorporated today issued its Digital Coupons Trends Report for 2010, releasing data about consumer use of digital coupons aggregated from the digital coupon network. As the largest digital coupon network on the Web, comprised of as well as thousands of independent partners, the network is representative of the digital coupon industry overall.

The Trend Report indicates that more than $1.2 billion in digital coupons savings was issued in 2010, representing a 41 percent growth over the year before. Compared to growth metrics for coupons distributed in newspapers of 7 percent, digital coupons dramatically outpaced the growth of their newspaper counterparts, approximately 6 to 1.2 The report also includes data on user demographics, popular coupon categories and top couponing U.S. cities. Also announced today is Incorporated’s business report for 2010 titled “ Issues More than $1.2 Billion in Digital Coupon Savings in 2010; New Consumer Products and Expanded Distribution, Staff and Offices Enable Growth.”

“Online savings as an industry is growing at a frenzied pace, and the digital coupons space is no exception.” said Steven Boal, CEO of Incorporated. “More and more consumers are making digital coupons a part of their shopping routine, accessing them across the entire digital domain—including the Web, in social media, with consumer electronics, via their mobile phones, etcetera. At the same time, brand marketers are increasingly engaging with consumers via digital offers, wanting to influence shoppers throughout their path to purchase.”

2010 User Demographics: Coupons are High Brow!

Recent data shows that users of digital coupons have higher household incomes and are better educated than users of newspaper coupons and the general population overall, dispelling the perceived low-brow stigma of couponing.

The consumer who prints digital coupons has an average household income of $105,000, a 26 percent higher income level than the U.S average. 36 percent of those who use digital coupons have a college degree, compared to 28 percent of those who use newspaper coupons and 26 percent of the general populace.3

Interestingly, adults with household income of over $100,000 are twice as likely to have redeemed coupons printed from an online source than adults with household income less than $35,000.4 Also, adults with college degrees are almost twice as likely to have used coupons in the prior six months as those who didn’t graduate from high school.5

Coupon Usage by Product Category: Cereal Leads the Way

Cereal was by far the most popular coupon category in 2010, followed by Yogurt (No. 2), Refrigerated Dough (No. 3), Portable Snacks (No. 4), and Vegetables (No. 5). Baby Products: Other, including bottles, car seats and diaper pails, also topped the list at No. 6, followed by Soup (No. 7), Air, Rug & Fabric Care (No. 8), Cheese (No. 9) and Lunch Meats (No. 10).

Table 1: Top Categories (Text version of table is provided below)

Increasingly, consumers are taking advantage of mobile devices to access, print and save coupons. The top categories for coupons accessed via mobile applications, including and Grocery iQ, are Ready to Eat Cereal (No. 1), Yogurt (No. 2), Refrigerated Dough (No. 3), Portable Snacks (No. 4), Vegetables (No. 5), Air, Rug & Fabric Care (No. 6), Baby Needs: Other (No. 7), Dinner: Multi-Serve (No. 8), Lunch Meats (No. 9), and Nutritional Snacks (No. 10).

Table 2: Top Categories Accessed via Mobile Apps (Text version of table is provided below.)

Coupon Usage by City: Atlanta Holds Its Own

For the second year in a row, Atlanta takes the top spot on the Most Frugal U.S. Cities list for 2010, according to’s Savings Index.6 On average, regular users of in Atlanta printed or saved to a loyalty card more than $1000.00 dollars in coupon savings from the site in 2010. That is almost twice the amount of savings in 2009, during which time users printed or saved to loyalty card $531 in savings.

The Top 20 couponing cities for 2010 are Atlanta (No. 1), Tampa (No. 2), Cincinnati (No. 3), St. Louis (No. 4), Minneapolis (No. 5), Charlotte (No. 6), Nashville (No. 7), Cleveland (No. 8), Pittsburgh (No. 9), Raleigh (No. 10), Kansas City (No. 11), Washington DC (No. 12), Miami (No. 13), Dallas (No. 14), Oklahoma City (No. 15), Boston (No. 16), Denver (No. 17), Seattle (No. 18), Columbus (No. 19), and Wichita (No. 20).

The South is big on savings: more than one-third of the top 20 frugal cities are in the Southern region of the United States.

Once again, Ohio is the country’s most frugal state. The Buckeye state is represented three times in the top 20. North Carolina is Ohio’s biggest challenger, with two cities in the top 10.



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