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Glee: The Complete First Season

Amazon, the online store leader, published a top ten best Christmas gifts for 2009. The online store indicates that the list is devised from media advertising trends.

Kindle Reading Device
This electronic device provides user a way to go green. All types of reading material, like newspapers and paperback novels, are converted to electronic format. The format is transmitted to the Kindle for users to read at any time.

Play Station Portable Go
The Play Station Portable (PSP) has been a popular gift for children and teens for years. The system has been used as a portable gaming system only, and now the new system has been reinvented to integrate new technology.

Some new features of the system, PSPGo, include:

Read on
Presents from Poland Evoke Memories and Pride ,
Hottest Toys 2009, Best Christmas Gifts for Kids ,
Cute Small Dog Names are Girl & Boy Baby Names ,
Downloading of PSP games and movies ,
Bluetooth support for Skype communication ,,
MP3 abililty ,
Built in Wi-Fi ,
Memory Stick use,
This new system will appeal not only to the old audience but also to adults. Expect to pay around $250 for the system.

Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus Game Bundle
Two years ago Nintendo’s Wii was the hottest and hardest to find holiday gift. The company has expanded the Wii beyond a game console and now has designed the player to integrate personalized fitness training. Users interact with the Wii console via the Balance Board, and they can choose to participate in different types of workouts: yoga, strength, flexibility, and power.

Along with the fitness routines, the system and game will track the users fitness progress. Body mass index, calorie burning, and general fitness progress is stored on the console. The gaming package runs around $300.

Other Top Products
Amazon lists several more great holiday products, all of which are electronic in nature. The following are the rest of the top ten list:

Apple Ipod ,Lego Mindstorm ,Flip Camcorder ,,
Star Wars Science Force Trainer,Samsung LED large screen TV ,
Guitar Hero (video game) ,Call of Duty (video game),

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